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+== Manage remote servers over ssh with puppet
+This hack shows how to trick puppet into managing packes on remote machines.
+This is cool because you can use it to manage servers that do not have puppet
+installed at all - it's all handled over ssh connections and remote command
+execution. You could use this, for example, to bootstrap a brand new server
+that has no puppet at all!
+=== How it works
+This ruby script overrides Puppet::Util::execute which is how puppet executes
+packager commands like apt-get, apt-cache, yum, rpm, gem, etc. I take the command
+and prefix it with 'ssh $host sudo' so it runs all the commands on the remote
+=== Limitations
+I only hack support for things that use external commands (like packager
+tools), so things like file resources won't work, though it shouldn't be too
+hard to hack that, too.

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