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Lots of folks have problems with class inheritance in puppet. Fundamentally, I think this is a symptom of a greater problem that:
  * puppet classes are singletons in an OOP-sense
  * inheritance behavior smells undefined if class b and c are included, and both inherit 'a'
  * variable scoping in puppet is confusing
  * most folks want 'include' when they say 'inherit'

So, if you *really* want overrides, but can't stand inheritance, this example
is a solution. It demonstrates one class (bar) including another (foo) and
overriding a resource value from the included class.

% puppet apply example.pp
notice: /Stage[main]/Foo/File[/tmp/hello]/ensure: defined content as '{md5}09421fa0d48df35164511391b40b2406'

% cat /tmp/hello

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