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Puppet Examples

This project aims to document and demonstrate several uses of puppet.

The main goal is to have a repository for me to publish any practical puppet
patterns I find useful. I also will put some more esoteric and experimental
tricks and hacks here. Lastly, I will try to put common “how to” answers that I
find asked in the #puppet IRC channel (on freenode).

What do we have?


  • exported-expiration – an example of how to expire exported resources that
    haven’t checked in recently.
  • nodeless-puppet – a method for managing puppet nodes purely through facts and
    properties. No ‘node’ definitions, no external node classifier, etc.


  • unamanged-file-notify – FAQ: “How do I notify a service (or other resource)
    when I manually update a config file?”
  • stages-example – FAQ: “How do I use stages?” or “Stages aren’t working for me”


  • manage-remote-hack: Manage remote servers with puppet – this hack tricks puppet into doing
    package mangement over ssh, allowing you to manage remote servers that do not
    have puppet (or ruby) installed.