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An object-oriented interface to RightScale's API.
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Python RightScale API

This project aims to give you a more sane interface to RightScale than would
hacking at the REST api yourself.

Current State

This project is a work in progress. If you want features added, file a bug or
send me a patch and it’ll get in. If there’s a bug, let me know.

We are using it in production at

At present, I have stopped putting effort into this project due to
difficulties in working with RightScale’s API. The API is lacking in features
and has many places where documentation does not align with reality. I file
requests with RightScale as I find new problems, but I wont likely be working
on this project until more of the issues are resolved.


Releases of this can be found on Python PI:


I accept all manner of communcation and patches. You are welcome to fork, file
bugs on github ( or
email me at


from rightscale import RightScale
rsapi = RightScale(account_number, username, password)

# Find 'me' in RightScale.
myself = rsapi.whoami()

# What does RightScale call me? (The server name in the UI)
print myself.nickname

# Change my server name in RightScale
myself.nickname = "New server name"

# What tags do I have?
print myself.tags

# How many servers do we have?
print len(rsapi.servers)


This library was written by Jordan Sissel and is made open source by Loggly,

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