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@@ -51,6 +51,22 @@ exit String#reverse([])
dlrow olleH
+h4. Example: Tracing puppet storeconfigs (aka Tracing ActiveRecord queries)
+ActiveRecord has a base class for most things query-related. Let's trace that:
+% sudo env RUBY_INSTRUMENT=ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::DatabaseStatements minstrel puppet ...
+enter ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::DatabaseStatements#select_all(["SELECT DISTINCT
+`hosts`.id FROM `hosts` LEFT OUTER JOIN `fact_values` ON `fact_values`.`host_id` = `h
+osts`.`id` LEFT OUTER JOIN `fact_names` ON `fact_names`.`id` = `fact_values`.`fact_name_id`
+enter ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::DatabaseStatements#select_all(["SELECT `hosts`.`id` AS t0_r0, `hosts`.`name` AS t0_r1, `hosts`.`ip` AS t0_r2, `hosts`.`environment ...
+So easy :)
h3. From ruby
@@ -118,3 +134,5 @@ Wrap of TCPSocket successful
Minstrel will wrap 'require' and check for classes you want wrapped at each
require until it finds all the classes you asked to be wrapped.
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