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#ifndef _XDOTOOL_H_
#define _XDOTOOL_H_
/* TODO(sissel): use proper printf format depending on the storage
* size of Window (could be 4 or 8 bytes depending on platform */
#define window_print(window) (printf("%ld\n", window))
#define window_each(context, window_arg, block) \
{ \
Window *windows; \
int nwindows; \
window_list(context, window_arg, &windows, &nwindows, False); \
int w_index;\
for (w_index = 0; w_index < nwindows; w_index++) { \
Window window = windows[w_index]; \
{ \
block \
} \
} \
} /* end define window_each */
typedef struct context {
xdo_t *xdo;
const char *prog;
int argc;
char **argv;
int debug;
/* Window stack */
Window *windows;
int nwindows;
Window window_placeholder[1];
/* Last known mouse position */
int last_mouse_x;
int last_mouse_y;
int last_mouse_screen;
int have_last_mouse;
} context_t;
int xdotool_main(int argc, char **argv);
int cmd_exec(context_t *context);
int cmd_sleep(context_t *context);
int cmd_behave(context_t *context);
int cmd_behave_screen_edge(context_t *context);
int cmd_click(context_t *context);
int cmd_getactivewindow(context_t *context);
int cmd_getmouselocation(context_t *context);
int cmd_getwindowfocus(context_t *context);
int cmd_getwindowname(context_t *context);
int cmd_getwindowpid(context_t *context);
int cmd_getwindowgeometry(context_t *context);
int cmd_help(context_t *context);
int cmd_key(context_t *context);
int cmd_mousedown(context_t *context);
int cmd_mousemove(context_t *context);
int cmd_mousemove_relative(context_t *context);
int cmd_mouseup(context_t *context);
int cmd_search(context_t *context);
int cmd_set_window(context_t *context);
int cmd_type(context_t *context);
int cmd_version(context_t *context);
int cmd_window_select(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowactivate(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowfocus(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowkill(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowclose(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowmap(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowminimize(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowmove(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowraise(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowreparent(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowsize(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowstate(context_t *context);
int cmd_windowunmap(context_t *context);
/* pager-like commands */
int cmd_set_num_desktops(context_t *context);
int cmd_get_num_desktops(context_t *context);
int cmd_set_desktop(context_t *context);
int cmd_get_desktop(context_t *context);
int cmd_set_desktop_for_window(context_t *context);
int cmd_get_desktop_for_window(context_t *context);
int cmd_set_desktop_viewport(context_t *context);
int cmd_get_desktop_viewport(context_t *context);
int cmd_get_display_geometry(context_t *context);
#endif /* _XDOTOOL_H_ */
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