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Releases: jordansissel/xdotool

Packaging fix for `make create-package-deb`

22 Oct 05:46
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Full Changelog: v3.20210903.1...v3.20211022.1

Allow running under XWayland

03 Sep 23:25
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  • Revert XWayland detection. Some parts of xdotool do not work under XWayland. However,
    many features do work on XWayland, and rejecting XWayland caused problems for several
    folks who were otherwise happily using xdotool under Wayland/XWayland. (#346, #355)

Release v3.20210804.2

04 Aug 16:24
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Fixes a packaging issue in the previous release.

Release v3.20210804.1

04 Aug 06:03
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  • xdotool and libxdo will now reject if it is running under Wayland/XWayland.
    If XWayland is detected, the program will fail. This is because XWayland
    doesn't allow xdotool or libxdo to work correctly. (#342, Jordan Sissel)
  • New command windowstate which can be used to modify properties of windows.
    For example, to full-screen the current window, use:
    xdotool getactivewindow windowstate --add FULLSCREEN
    (#158 by Zhai Zhao Xuan)
  • New command windowquit which is used to ask the windowed application to
    terminate. (#306, Antonio Russo)
  • New command getwindowclassname to print the window's class name.
    (#247, Dominic Mueller)
  • When sending keystrokes, enter and return now are synonyms for the
    Return key symbol (CSylvain)
  • getmouselocation now updates the window stack with the window the cursor is
    currently over. (#118, Jordan Sissel)
  • search command now supports searching by window role with --role flag (#305, altblue)
  • search command should now no longer report BadWindow errors (#335, Marek Marczykowski-Górecki)
  • get_window_location now reports correct value (#289, Edwin Heerschap)
  • Uppercase Latin-1/Basic Latin are now typed correctly (#283, Hasan)
  • Document the regular expressions (POSIX Extended) supported by xdotool
    (#???, Lucas Werkmeister)
  • Use the default X11 Screen instead of assuming 0 (#265, Miroslav Koškár)
  • Wrap header files with extern "C" to enable easier C++ use of libxdo.
    (#331, easyaspi314)
  • Install pkgconfig file when running make install (#229, Joakim Repomaa)
  • Set permissions correctly when installing xdo.h (#324, Dan Church)
  • Fix memory leak (#241, Andrew McDermott)
  • Fix memory leak (#299, orcNo and longqi)
  • Fixed some documentation typos (#161, Vincent Legoll; #336, yjqg6666)
  • Fix all compiler warnings during make (#344, Jordan Sissel)


05 Aug 17:38
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  • Fix release tool problem. was missing from the previous two
    make test-package-build now works correctly on OSX 10.11 and Fedora 23.


05 Aug 05:56
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  • Fix some bugs in the Makefile especially for OS X / macOS Sierra
    (Misty De Meo)


05 Aug 03:23
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  • Fix compilation problems on OSX 10.12 aka macOS Sierra. (#138; Jordan
    Sissel and Misty De Meo)
  • Fix memory leaks in window search and charcode map lookups (Markus Roth)
  • xdotool selectwindow (xdo_select_window_with_click) now only selects the
    window if mouse button 1 is pressed. Any other buttons will cause this
    selection to be aborted. (#136, #137; Jordan Sissel and Yuri D'Elia)
  • Fix bug where xdotool click with --clearmodifiers can sometimes leave
    stuck keys or mouse buttons. (#102, Aurelien Lourot)
  • windowmove now supports coordinates as a percentage of screen size. For
    example, a move to 50% 50% would move the window such that the top-left
    corner of the window is in the center of the screen. (#92, #27; Collin
  • Typing commands (key and type) will now try to use XTEST instead of
    XSendEvent in a special circumstance. If the window id given (by window
    stack or the --window flag) is the currenly-focused window, key sequences
    will be sent using XTEST. (#85, mpnolan)
  • getmouselocation, getwindowgeometry, and search commands: now supports
    --shell and --prefix for having stdout be consumable by bash or similar
    shells. (#80, yatsek)
  • xdotool scripts such as running via xdotool - will now execute commands
    as lines of input are read. The previous behavior waited until stdin closed
    before executing anything. (#131, abensj)


04 May 03:01
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  • Lots of changes over the past 4 years, but with many folks telling me to do
    another release tarball: here it is.
    We can backfill the changelog later.