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First at all, we must configure wifi interfaces according to the OpenWrt wiki.

Configure A(ccess) P(oint or 'hotspot') + STA(tion or 'client')

OLD WIKI-Configure A(ccess) P(oint or 'hotspot') + STA(tion or 'client')

Also, for better routing, installation of the following packages is advised:

opkg install ip ipset iptables iptables-mod-conntrack-extra iptables-mod-ipopt

then install the package wwanHotspot via ssh or telnet,

0- Download the ipk from the latest version:

cd /tmp

wget --no-check-certificate "$(wget -q --no-check-certificate -O - \
"" | \
awk '$0 ~ "ipk" && $1 == "\"browser_download_url\":" {$1 = "";
gsub("[\" ]",""); print}')" 2>&1 | grep saved

1- Install the ipk:

opkg install ip iwinfo

opkg install /tmp/wwanHotspot_VERSION_all.ipk

The package wget is recommended if you want to check the reliability of the hotspot's Internet connection via an http or https URL. However, wget is not required when the hotspot interface is the only connection of this router to Internet.

opkg install wget

2- edit the config file and set your hotspot's parameters.

vi /etc/config/wwanHotspot

3- enable the daemon and start it

/etc/init.d/wwanHotspot enable

/etc/init.d/wwanHotspot restart
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