commandline tool to generate a json file from a small image
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image2json, takes a small image, an converts it, to json string, representing, positions and their colors.


  • Clone the repo
  • go build image2json.go


 -f="": Image file to decode
  -nc=false: Output image without color info
  -o="": file to output

f: Input image o: output file nc: Output mode without colors

The tool can ouput two diferent json strings, first with info color: (without -nc flag)

    "Bytes":[{"X":1,"Y":2,"C":{"R":91,"G":184,"B":255,"A":255}}, ... }

Where Bytes holds and array of color positions, X,Y and their color balue in RGB. White color on image rgb(0,0,0) is ommited.

Second mode ( without color info ) flag -nc:

{   "Width":13,
    "Bytes":[[2,0],[3,0],[4,0]... }

Where byts only, outputs, position with color. For better results, this option must be used with single image colors. Also, white color is ommited

For What I can use such tool

I builded it for deploying javascript "particle" animations, see examples folder.

  ***   ***  
 *   * *   * 
*     *     *
*           *
*           *
*           *
 *         * 
  *       *  
   *     *   
    *   *    
     * *