Useful R scripts to play with Marine Debris tracker data
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R-tools for Marine Debris Tracker data


A set of scripts to generate useful plots and maps for data acquired from the Marine Debris Tracker. Debris data can be downloaded from the website or if you're looking for long periods of data using my Python SAMDI-get script.

Observations by type


Download 2009 US County boundaries dataset and extract the file within the data folder. You should end up with the structure:

./data/tl_2009_us_county/ and all the shp files etc in there.

Run the main.r script and, hopefully, you'll end up with all the generated assets in the output folder.

The original dataset is in ./data/samdi_latest_data_2011_2018.csv feel free to replace it with your own MDT dataset.

Important: I use Gill Sans Nova typeface for all plots and maps. If you don't have Gill Sans Nova locally just replace all occurences of pfamily="serif" in the main.r with your typeface of choice.


Packages needed:

  • akima
  • dplyr
  • extrafont
  • ggmap
  • ggplot2
  • lubridate
  • maps
  • RColorBrewer
  • rgdal
  • scales
  • sp
  • tidyr
  • tmap
  • usmap