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MediaManagerBundle Installation Instructions
Add Repo in your project
git submodule add src/Ylly/MediaManagerBundle
Add Imagine lib in your project to manipulate images data
git submodule add vendor/imagine
Add in registering bundle:
new Ylly\MediaManagerBundle\YllyMediaManagerBundle()
Add in your autoload:
'Ylly' => __DIR__.'/../src',
'Imagine' => '/../vendor/imagine/lib',
Do the commands below to see if everything is ok....
symfony doctrine:schema:update --force (It must be add new table media)
symfony assets:install web
If you want to add data example do:
symfony doctrine:data:load
Check if the folder uploads exists in web folder
Configure the new twig configuration to have new renderer field
# Twig Configuration
debug: %kernel.debug%
strict_variables: %kernel.debug%
resources: [YllyMediaManagerBundle:Admin:fieldrenderer.html.twig]
After that, if you want to have medias associated to your object do the modifications.
In your entity class:
class MyObject implements MediaInterface
* @orm:ManyToMany(targetEntity="Ylly\MediaManagerBundle\Entity\Media")
protected $medias;
public function __construct()
$this->medias = new ArrayCollection();
public function getMedias()
return $this->medias;
public function setMedias(ArrayCollection $medias)
$this->medias = $medias;
public function getMedia()
return isset($this->medias[0]) ? $this->medias[0] : new Media();
symfony doctrine:schema:update --force
In your Entity Form:
class MyObjectForm{
$transformer = new CollectionToChoiceTransformer(array(
'em' => $this->getOption('entity_manager'),
'className' => 'Ylly\MediaManagerBundle\Entity\Media'
$this->add(new MediaField('medias', array('value_transformer' => $transformer, 'crop_width' => 200, 'crop_height' => 100)));