Tool to create national focus trees for your own mods in HOI4
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Hearts of Iron 4 National Focus Maker

A web-based tool to create national focus trees for your own mods in HOI4

This repo is to serve as a way for backups, improvements, and for people to be able to make pull requests when Paradox create new functions for modding.

This tool is not created by, or on behalf of, Paradox Interactive. The tool will be provided free of charge at The tool does not modify game files, and any issues with the tool will not affect the main game.

Planned features

  • Localisation Support

Contribution info

Your contributions to the project will be greatly appreciated, whether that is a bug report or a pull request.

When creating a bug report please state the bug it the title, the steps to reproduce/steps taken before bug occured, and the web browser (and version, if known) used in the description, e.g: Title: Duplicate focus appears on screen Description: When I edit a focus and press save a new focus shows, using Internet Explorer 6. (If you use IE6 all bugs come from within your chair)

If you are wondering how you can help make this tool easily accessible for all, and know either CSS or another language, you could help!

Themes can be requested to be added immediately, as the architecture of the site will remain pretty much the same now. Translators will be asked to hold off until the site has become dynamic (available via the web) as all information will then be stored on one file, which will be much easier for translators to work with.