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Android Galway Bus app using Kotlin/Architecture Components/Clean Architecture (Multiplatform)
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Android Galway Bus app using Kotlin/Architecture Components/Clean Architecture

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This was created as part of effort to get more familiar with developing Android apps using Kotlin and the new Android Architecture Components, and also to explore use of the increasingly popular Clean Architecture approach. It's heavily based on This is stil work in progress and also, at least for now, have omitted formal Mapper classes (though some data model translation does occur between the layers).

As I'm pretty new to Kotlin and some of the libraries used I'm sure there are better ways of implementing some of the code I have so feedback (and PRs!) are very welcome. I also continue to incorporate changes based on articles and other repos I come across.

Note also that this is using REST endpoint provided by @appsandwich to retrieve Galway Bus route/timetable info (Thanks Vinny!)

Use of Clean Architecture

For an app of this size and complexity it can be argued that full use of Clean Architecture abstractions is least right now method implementations in many of the layers simply delegate to corresponding method in layer below (though starting to see a few exceptions to that). A reasonable approach for an app like this might be, for example, to have ViewModel implementations interact directly with the Repository. In either case, a key important benefit of this architecture is that code below the UI layer should not have any dependencies on Android framework and can be easily unit tested.

Kotlin Multiplatform

More recently I've also been using this project to explore some of the relatively new Kotlin Multiplatform capabilities. There is now kotlin-multiplatform ShareCode module for example and some sample iOS apps in ios folder. Have also written a couple of post about some of my experiences doing this so far

Languages, libraries and tools used

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