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An HTML version of the ECMAScript draft specification autogenerated from the source
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Jason Orendorff authored

es-spec - Convert the ECMAScript Language Specification to HTML

To run the program:

./ es6-draft.docx

Note: Python 3 is required.

About this program

Architecture: The program is in four parts:

  • Load the Word document (
  • Convert it to extremely rough HTML+CSS (
  • Apply a series of transformations, ranging from minor tweaks to very fancy algorithms, to the HTML (
  • Dump the resulting HTML document (

Most of the interesting work, and most of the bugs, are in

Fragility: The script is quite sensitive to the input document and will throw an exception and give up if the document isn't exactly as expected. It's been hard to balance (a) being "liberal in what you accept" with (b) making sure fixups do not break silently, but rather get the user's attention, when the input document changes in unexpected ways.

Debugging: If a directory named _fixup_log exists under the current directory, the script dumps the whole halfway-transformed document to a file in that directory after each fixup.

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