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Laravel packages for quickly creating a new package base structure
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#Create packages

This package is inspired by the workbench package that came default in Laravel 4. It speeds up your workflow for creating packages, once you have set your config settings the only thing left is running the artisan command and start developing your package.


You can install this package through composer by running the following command

$ composer require jorenvanhocht\create-packages 1.0

Now add the service provider to the provider array in config/app.php



Publish the config file by running the following command from your terminal

$ php artisan vendor:publish

Set your base folder and your vendor name, and you are good to go.


To create a new package run

$ php artisan make:package yourPackageName

If want to create a package with a different vendor name then set in your config file you can add it as a parameter

$ php artisan make:package yourPackageName YourNewVendorName

#TODO Learn to write tests and write tests :)

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