Mathematical knots drawing and manipulation program (written in Python/GTK+)
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About Knot-That-Easy
- Author: Jorge A. Torres <j at>
- URL:
- Source code:

Knot-That-Easy is a program useful for getting information about mathematical knots ( by being able to actually "draw" a regular diagram of the knot inside the application.

- It doesn't force you to use some sort of complicated knot codification system: you can enter a regular diagram of the knot using the mouse by drawing lines, creating over and under crossings, etc.
- It looks pretty nice compared to what is available right now on Linux and other platforms.
- Knot-That-Easy is written in Python using PyGTK+ for the UI so it should work across supported GTK+ platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux).
- Knot-That-Easy can determine the following data about a regular diagram of a knot:
    - # of crossings and arcs
    - alternance of the diagram
    - writhe
    - Gauss and Dowker codes
    - the Wirtinger presentation of the fundamental group of the knot
    - 3-colorability

- Python
- PyGTK+ (including Glade support)