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Easy to use library to create asynchronous presentation logic with django and dajaxice
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Dajax is a powerfull tool to easily and super-fastly develop asynchronous presentation logic in web applications using python and almost no lines of JS source code.

It supports up to four of the most popular JS frameworks:

  • jQuery
  • Prototype
  • Dojo
  • mootols

Using django-dajaxice communication core, django-dajax implements an abstraction layer between the presentation logic managed with JS and your python business logic. With dajax you can modify your DOM structure directly from python.

For more information about how django-dajax works:

Official site Documentation

Project status

From v0.9.2 this project is not going to accept new features. In order to not break existing projects using this library, django-dajax and django-dajaxice will be maintained until django 1.8 is released.

Should I use django-dajax or django-dajaxice?

In a word, No. I created these projects 4 years ago as a cool tool in order to solve one specific problems I had at that time.

These days using these projects is a bad idea.

Perhaps I'm more pragmatic now, perhaps my vision of how my django projects should be coupled to libraries like these has change, or perhaps these days I really treasure the purity and simplicity of a vanilla django development.

If you want to use this project, you are probably wrong. You should stop couplig your interface with your backend or... in the long term it will explode in your face.

Forget about adding more unnecessary complexity. Keep things simple.

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