Don't bother validating class names if --no-css option is passed #78

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The issues jorgebastida#27 and jorgebastida#37 are still around for
files called myfile_1.png and myfile_2.png :/

But instead of fixing that, I'd rather just tell glue not to generate
css. Turns out it will validate the css classes nonetheless. Bad, bad
glue. 🐛

This PR should fix that behavior.


Thanks for the PR @barraponto,

I've check if the naming issue is still around and I can't reproduce it!
Let's say you have file_1.png, file_2.png, file_3.png and file_4.png inside a folder named sprites and you call glue sprites/ out/, glue will refuse to create the sprite:

$ glue sprites/ out
Processing 'sprites':
Error: Some images will have the same class name:
    sprites/file_1.png => .sprite-sprites-file
    sprites/file_2.png => .sprite-sprites-file
    sprites/file_3.png => .sprite-sprites-file
    sprites/file_4.png => .sprite-sprites-file

That's because glue by default use the filename to determine if you want to add some padding around the image, so having a file named file_4.png means that you want to add 4 pixels around it.

If you want to avoid this behaviour, you can use --ignore-filename-paddings.

I think class name validation is an interesting feature and I'm not really sure if I want to remove it from glue as it's glue responsibility generate class names, one of the first things you can expect is that he doesn't generate dups.

Does --ignore-filename-paddings fix your issue?

In the other hand, I'm thinking about moving the _ separator to __ so issues like yours would be harder to reproduce. Probably glue 0.3 is a good version number to do this backward Incompatible change.



Yeah, --ignore-filename-paddings was indeed the issue. But glue's logic first checks for padding, then validates the class name. I believe the latter should be skipped if --no-css is provided.

And 🍺 ++ for __padding in a filename. _number is a common pattern when working with tiles and sprites for games (which was actually what I used glue for). It'll be a BC issue though. Nevertheless (and I'll open another PR for this) I believe glue should either -opt-in to this behavior (using --use-filename-paddings) or log it explicitly Using paddings from filenames, --ignore-filename-paddings to disable.


I think there is a biggest "issue" on the table. You are not the first one using glue to sprite game sprites for html5 games or even iOS. I think I should give a try to "reporters" #64 and make glue a "general purpose" sprite generator.

Some example formats:

  • Plain: Merge images and don't generate any other output.
  • CSS (default): What glue is today
  • JSON: Craft a dictionary-like structure {filename: {x: 44, y:22, width: 120, height:80}, filename2: ... }
  • Cocos2d:
  • Sparrow:
  • ...

I need to think about because it'll require a mayor rewrite, but I think it's a good idea :)


Yeah, JSON output would be awesome, although crafty has its own pattern so make sure it's pluggable.
Meanwhile, can we just disable CSS classes validation when --no-css is passed?


Several notes about this issue and glue 0.9:

  • json is now an output format.
  • __ is the default separator for filename-configuration.
  • per-image-filename padding configuration is deprecated.
  • If --no-css is present, no css validation is executed.

As glue 0.9 codebase has changed dramatically, I can't merge this Pull Request, but I'm going to add you @barraponto to the AUTHORS file as you deserve the credit of this fix. Closing this.


I've contributed to several projects before, but this is the first project I make it to the AUTHORS file. 🍸

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