Add API Gateway IntegrationResponse header support #70

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elkelk commented Jul 11, 2016

This adds support for static and dynamic IntegrationResponse headers as specified here:

The PR includes a CORS example and documentation for parameters within the Integration Response section.

I dug into the tests a bit, but didn't see an easy way to insert coverage. I'd love any direction/suggestions for adding test coverage.


@elkelk elkelk referenced this pull request Jul 11, 2016

Support for CORS #56


+1 for this for me. Is there anything I can do to help get it in?

ahl commented Oct 6, 2016 edited

another +1 from me: I ended up implementing the same thing (here: #107), not realizing that this work had already been done. It would be great to see this accepted.

@ahl ahl referenced this pull request Oct 6, 2016

support ResponseParameters #107


👍 CORS support is super important for a huge percentage of projects that would use Lambda.

DaRizat commented Jan 7, 2017

+1 Any update on when this might be available?


+1. Would help a lot with new engineers not having to install from the src just to use this critical fix.

Starting to get concerned that it's been over 3 months since the last PR was merged in.

cc @jorgebastida

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