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A Cassandra transport for winston
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A Cassandra transport for winston logging library.


  $ npm install winston
  $ npm install winston-cassandra

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  var winston = require('winston');

  // Adds a Cassandra transport (it also adds the field `winston.transports.Cassandra`)
  winston.add(require('winston-cassandra'), options);

The Cassandra transport accepts the following options:

  • level: Level of messages that this transport should log (default: 'info').
  • table: The name of the Cassandra column family you want to store log messages in (default: 'logs').
  • partitionBy: How you want the logs to be partitioned. Possible values 'hour' and 'day'(Default).
  • consistency: The consistency of the insert query (default: quorum).
  • name: Name of the transport.

In addition to the options accepted by the Node.js Cassandra driver.

  • contactPoints: Cluster nodes that will handle the write requests: Array of strings containing the hosts, for example ['host1', 'host2'] (required).
  • keyspace: The name of the keyspace that will contain the logs table (required). The keyspace should be already created in the cluster.


Distributed under the MIT license.

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