Yii Framework Extension. checkboxTree is lightweight jQuery plugin to handle collapsible checkbox's tree. This extension uses Valerio Galiano's jQuery checkboxTree plugin and extends CJuiWidget.
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The checkboxtree project development has been suspended. Please check the project homepage: http://code.google.com/p/checkboxtree/


This extension uses Valerio Galano's jQuery checkboxTree plugin and extends CJuiWidget.

checkboxTree is lightweight jQuery plugin to handle collapsible checkbox's tree.

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* fast and lightweight plugin
* node's checking engine
* configurable node's ancestors checking/unchecking behaviour
* configurable node's descendants checking/unchecking behaviour
* public methods to trigger checking engine's events
* tree collapse engine
* configurable node's collapse/expand behaviour
* configurable collapse/expand effects
* public methods to trigger collapse engine's events
* automatic "collapse/expand all" buttons setup
* css configurable layout 


Yii 1.1 or above


Extract the files at protected/extensions.

Place this example code inside a form or anywhere you want:

<?php $this->beginWidget('ext.ECheckBoxTree.ECheckBoxTree') ?>
	<li><input type="checkbox"/>Root
	    <li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 1
		<li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 1.1

	    <li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 2
		<li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 2.1</li>
		<li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 2.2</li>
		<li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 2.3</li>
		    <li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 2.3.1</li>
		    <li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 2.3.2</li>
		<li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 2.4</li>
		<li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 2.5</li>
		<li><input type="checkbox"/>Node 2.6</li>

<?php $this->endWidget() ?>

Config the widget with the $options attribute. You can find the plugin documentation here.


Last news

Some time ago I developed this extension for InDaHouseRulez SL. I no longer work there, but I still support the extension.

The extension was released under the MIT license, so I made a fork on GitHub, where you'll find the latest version: