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CLI that allows interaction with one of the most important CI/CD systems out there: Jenkins.
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Go Report Card Build Status

Download and run

  • Download the latest version from here
  • Move it to your /usr/bin or add the folder where it lives into your $PATH.
  • Use the command jenny to start using it
$ jenny



Command Action Status
profile uri <JenkinsURI> Location of the Jenkins server ready
profile user <userName> Username credential ready
profile pwd <password> Password credential ready
profile project <projectName> Unique id of the Job/Pipeline ready
profile show Show the current profile configuration ready
profile show --uncover Uncover the password. ready
profile logout Logout ready
profile logout --force Clean user and password in .jenny.yml. ready
profile login Login ready
profile save Save current configuration in .jenny.yml file. ready
profile save --global Create .jenny.yml in $HOME directory. ready
profile save --force Store user and password in the .jenny.yml file. ready
profile clear Remove .jenny.yml file. ready
profile cancel Discard configuration ready


Command Action Status
open Opens the UI dashboard of this project in the browser. ready
status <jobName> <executionNumber> Status of given build id or latest build. ready
status <jobName> --last Get the last execution. ready
logs <jobname> <executionNumber> Print the logs for a build. ready
logs <jobName> --last Get the last execution. ready
stop <jobname> <executionNumber> Stop a build execution. ready
stop <jobName> --last Get the last execution. ready
build <jobName> Trigger parametrized build. in progress (ready without params)
describe <jobName> Describe build history of project. ready


KeyBinding Description
Ctrl + A Go to the beginning of the line (Home)
Ctrl + E Go to the End of the line (End)
Ctrl + P Previous command (Up arrow)
Ctrl + N Next command (Down arrow)
Ctrl + F Forward one character
Ctrl + B Backward one character
Ctrl + D Delete character under the cursor
Ctrl + H Delete character before the cursor (Backspace)
Ctrl + W Cut the Word before the cursor to the clipboard.
Ctrl + K Cut the Line after the cursor to the clipboard.
Ctrl + U Cut/delete the Line before the cursor to the clipboard.

Compile from scratch


├── Dockerfile
├── jenny
│   ├── client.go
│   ├── completer.go
│   ├── executor.go
│   ├── filter.go
│   ├── model.go
│   ├── option.go
│   └── yaml.go
├── manage.go


$ git clone
$ cd jenny


$ go get -v ./... # To install dependencies
$ go install

Run without compile

$ go run manage.go
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