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Haskell UNO Binding

This project aims at providing a binding to LibreOffice's Universal Network Objects (UNO) for the Haskell language.

It consists on three parts:

  • hs_unoidl to generate code from IDL specifications to call the API;
  • hs_uno that is the core of the binding, providing base types and necessary code to call the API; and,
  • examples showing different ways to use the binding.

Information on how to build a cabal package that uses the UNO API is provided in the README of the hs-uno package.

Running an Example

To run an example, hs_unoidl needs to be compiled first and then the example can be compiled and run. The steps, from cloning the repository to running the example macro-expander, are:

# required environment variables
export LO_INSTDIR=/path/to/libreoffice/installation/directory
export LO_SRC=/path/to/libreoffice/source/code
# at least with the GCC toolchain on Fedora 22, also set:
export LD_RUN_PATH=$LO_INSTDIR/program
# clone the repository
git clone
# compile hs_unoidl
cd haskell-uno-binding/hs_unoidl/
cd ..
# compile the example
cd examples/macro_expander/
cabal sandbox init                    # create a sandbox for the example's dependencies
cabal sandbox add-source ../../hs_uno # add hs_uno to the sandbox
cabal install --only-dependencies     # install the dependencies
 # if the above fails with "The package list for '' does not
 # exist" then run "cabal update"
cabal configure                       # configure the example
cabal build                           # build it
cabal run                             # run it

Note 1: Do not forget to set LO_INSTDIR and LO_SRC to the correct values.

Note 2: These steps were tested with Ubuntu 14.04, gcc 4.8.4, GHC 7.6.3, cabal-install-, and text-

Note 3: You need LibreOffice's source code (sufficiently recent).

Note 4: If the binaries in the installation directory were not made with --dbg-utils enabled, remove the line containing -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG from hs_unoidl/Makefile.

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Haskell binding to the LibreOffice UNO Framework






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