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  • Components:
    • AMQP system:
      • Exchange the system
      • We need here a distributed way to create queues.
      • Any queue has some consumer of the queue, all the consumers of a queue must be know each other in order to consume the queue an ensure other aspects.
        • All the enq and deq operation are made in some quorum of the set of servers.
        • When a message is going to be consumed it arrives to the set of posible consumers and they decide with quourum who is going to consume the message.
    • How do we inform this quorum for an arriving message to them. The set of consumers of the queue must intercept the quourum of servers receiving the message.
      • Task systems (RPC):
      • Profiling system:
  • Old:
    • Build a system on c or c++ based as libraries to be used for the python, ruby and java binding.
    • Dynamical configuration, not just one time configuration, but constantly changing assets.
    • “Centralized”? cmdb?
    • Capacity to store or to build recipes from different sources: DB, ldap, cli.
    • Meaningful returning and exception handling.

— New t

  • New:
    • Masterless system.
    • Standalone.
    • Mesh routing of messages.
    • Gossip protocol to inform about the current state of the system.
    • Extensible through subclassing and hooks.
    • Every new controller is a new plugin: aptitude, pip, apache, mysql, etc.
    • The rest is called module.
    • We can use this from the cli, but mainly from python code:
      • Libraries to enfornce an state, and track the current state, and last state, and possible changes.
      • Configuration by default store the state in /var/lib/espresso/states/<id>.state
    • Everything that has a state to be tracked must say it, so we can track it.