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Espresso is what I drink every day.
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The goal of Espresso is to help in the management of configuration and integration of services in different servers.

For now the main component is the daemon that listen for espresso components which can be anything from files to services.

Components of Espresso

A daemon called espresso should be running all times, and its function is to detect new components based on the entry_point espresso.components and this components will be defined immediately the package that define them is installed or updated.

Each component has a type, name and data which gives the basic (for now) information to define them, then a plugin supporting the type will define the compoentns.

New plugins can be added in real time using the entry_point espresso.plugins.


Espresso manage the configurations and can have several configuration backends, as file-system, db, or distributed.

Future Ideas

What do we need to manage servers?

These are some of the componentes needed in order to manage a big infrastructure.

  • Messaging system between servers

Some messaging system close to AMQP but lighter would be really nice to have, ZeroMQ seems to be the perfect tool to do it, also some kind of distributed queue based on quourum systems and taking the main ideas of AMQP.

  • Plugins in top of the messages

Basically after the messaging system a set of plugable tool that catch this messages would be great to manage the server in different ways.

  • Goals

1) Be able to use this in a single server.

2) No single points of failure, no master-slave configurations, all the servers are equal up to some tagging and classification between them, but there is not holy master server.

3) A good set of native plugins to set up basic things in the server, and to run tasks, and a global cron system.

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