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Android app for NBA fans. Features live scores, highlights and Reddit integration for discussions.
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Swish Android App

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Android app for NBA fans. Features live scores, highlights, alerts and Reddit integration for discussions.



Ready Ready Ready Ready Ready


Fix a bug, add a new feature or make the code prettier!

Steps to contribute:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Look at the list of open issues, pick one or create a new one (this can be for a bug or wanted feature)
  3. Write code and document it, look at the code around you and try to follow the style and conventions used.
  4. Write unit tests (if possible)
  5. Run ALL tests with ./gradlew test
  6. Send a pull request

Some resources and libraries that you might find useful:

  • JRAW: the Java Reddit API Wrapper, used throughout the application for integrating any reddit functionalities
  • RxJava 2: A Java implementation of ReactiveX, a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs by using observable sequences
  • Retrofit 2: A contentViewType-safe HTTP client for Android and Java

What if I don't code?

You can contribute by reporting bugs, suggesting new features or translating the app!

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