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> ### 🚧 Loki v2.x
> Loki v2.0 included a new set of features to the query language that allows extraction of labels at
> query time, unlocking new possibilities. This means that previously we would need to have the
> `geohash` information as a label (which is not a great idea). Loki works best when you have a small
> set of labels (with [no high
> cardinality](
> A `geohash` field is a very bad candidate for a label 🙃, in our defense before Loki v2.0 this was
> the only way of using the `geohash` in the worldmap plugin.
> With the new [Parser expressions]( we
> can extract labels (at query time) and used them as normal labels in our queries. For instance,
> instead of using the old:
> ```js
> sum(count_over_time({geohash=~".+"}[1h])) by (geohash)
> ```
> which expects the geo information in a `geohash` label. We can instead use the `| logfmt` parser
> expression to extract the `geohash` information from the payload into a label at query time.
> ```js
> sum(count_over_time({domain=~""} | logfmt [5m])) by (geohash)
> ```
> This has the advantage of not polluting our set of identifiable labels and helping to keep Loki
> queries as fast as possible.
> Note: Beside the `| logfmt` parser it is also possible to use the `| json` one if the payload sent
> to Loki is in the JSON format.
[Loki]( is a new~ish project from [Grafana](, yes
the same company behind the popular open-source observability platform. Loki itself is a
horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus.
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