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Build Status

mailgun_rails is an Action Mailer adapter for using Mailgun in Rails apps. It uses the Mailgun HTTP API internally.


In your Gemfile

gem 'mailgun_rails'


To configure your Mailgun credentials place the following code in the corresponding environment file (development.rb, production.rb...)

config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :mailgun
config.action_mailer.mailgun_settings = {
		api_key: '<mailgun api key>',
		domain: '<mailgun domain>'

Now you can send emails using plain Action Mailer:

email = mail from: 'sender@email.com', to: 'receiver@email.com', subject: 'this is an email'
email = mail from: 'Your Name Here <sender@email.com>', to: 'receiver@email.com', subject: 'this is an email'

Mailgun variables

email.mailgun_variables = {name_1: :value_1, name_2: value_2}

Recipient Variables (for batch sending)

email.mailgun_recipient_variables = {'user_1@email.com' => {id: 1}, 'user_2@email.com' => {id: 2}}

Custom MIME headers

email.mailgun_headers = {foo: 'bar'}

Mailgun options

To provide option parameters like o:campaign or o:tag.

email.mailgun_options = {campaign: '1'}

Pull requests are welcomed