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Pagination plugin for sketch app.

This is a work in progress plugin to add pagination to Artboards. Right now you’ll have to create a text layer with the layer name {pagination} in each Artboard. And each dartboard will have to be sorted by Sketch's default ordering (first Artboard in the layer list is actually the last Artboard).


paginate demo

#Installation Download or Clone the latest version of this project, and open Paginate.sketchplugin. The plugin will be installed automagically by Sketch.

Disclaimer: It was highly inspired by bomberstudios's Sketch Commands > Numberize


  • fire a dialog window to define pagination appearance (ex: page 1/2 or just 1/2 or even page 1 of 2 etc)
  • make it work with new symbols
  • automatically create text layer with pagination
  • define position of that auto-created layer