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Sample application for OpenShift 3

This sample application will create and deploy a JBoss EAP application server as well as a MongoDB database. The sample application will display a map and perform geospatial queries to populate the map with all Major League Baseball stadiums in the United States.

Quick instructions to just get this working on an OpenShift 3 deployment as a normal user

$ oc login https://yourOpenShiftServer
$ oc new-project mlbparks
$ oc create -f
$ oc new-app mlbparks

Once the application is deployed and running, you can also scale the number of EAP pods to 3 with the following commands:

$ oc scale --replicas=3 rc mlbparks-1

Install template as cluster-admin for everyone to use

Load the template with cluster-admin user:

# oc create -f -n openshift