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oc new-project maven-jbosswildfly
oc new-build wildfly~ \
sleep 1
# watch the logs
oc logs -f bc/builder --follow
# Generated artifact is located in /wildfly/standalone/deployments/ROOT.war
oc new-build --name=runtime \
--docker-image=jboss/wildfly \
--source-image=builder \
--source-image-path=/wildfly/standalone/deployments/ROOT.war:. \
--dockerfile=$'FROM jboss/wildfly\nCOPY ROOT.war /opt/jboss/wildfly/standalone/deployments/ROOT.war' \
sleep 1
oc logs -f bc/runtime --follow
# Deploy and expose the app once built
oc new-app runtime --name=my-application
oc expose svc/my-application
# Print the endpoint URL
echo “Access the service at http://$(oc get route/my-application -o jsonpath='{.status.ingress[0].host}')/”