OpenShift's Java S2I Builder image. Suitable for java (fatjar) types of applications, microservices, springboot, vert.x, wildfly swarm, dropwizard,...
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OpenShift S2I Builder for Java

This Source-to-Image Builder let’s you create projects targetting Java OpenJDK 8 and built with:

  • maven

  • gradle

If a project has a pom.xml and a build.gradle, maven will take precedence

This builder/runtime s2i image can be used with SpringBoot, Vert.X, Wildfly Swarm, DropWizard and many other microservices frameworks.


  • APP_SUFFIX: Jar file suffix to use to locate the generated artifact to use (e.g. xxxxx${APP_SUFFIX}.jar)

  • BUILDER_ARGS: Allows you to specify options to pass to maven or gradle

RUN ENV Options

  • APP_OPTIONS: Options to pass to java -jar app.jar ${APP_OPTIONS}


If you do not specify any BUILDER_ARGS, by default the s2i image will use the following:

  • Maven

MAVEN_ARGS="package -Popenshift -DskipTests -Dcom.redhat.xpaas.repo.redhatga"
  • Gradle

BUILDER_ARGS="build -x test"

Test in OpenShift

  • First load all the needed resources in a project.

oc create -f
  • Once the builder s2i-java has been registered, you can create an app with:

    • Instant app already provided as template

    • Using the s2i-java builder image using a regular Git repository


There is a lot of example SpringBoot applications here