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Emacs Python Development Environment
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Pyde, the Python Development Environment

Emacs has excellent Python support through a number of packages. The only problem is that every user needs to set up all of these packages to work nicely with each other. This mode does not a lot more than to combine those packages and give them a default configuration for Python.


  • Code completion (using auto-complete and rope): Emacs will suggest completions as you type and, after a short delay, pop up a select box with proposed completions, including docstrings for those completions when available.
  • Indentation highlighting (using highlight-indentation): Highlight indentation levels in code so you can always see which code belongs where.
  • Snippet Expansion (using yasnippet and auto-complete): Some completion options are highlighted and will expand into full code snippets that you just need to fill out.
  • Code hinting (using eldoc and rope): While you write, the minibuffer will show the call signature of the current function.
  • Code Navigation (using rope and python.el): Quickly jump to the definition of a function or class, find callers of the current function, or browse all definitions in the current file. find-file-at-point will also find module source files from import statements.
  • Inline Documentation (using rope): Read the help() output of the object at point with a quick key shortcut.
  • On-the-fly checks (using flymake): Highlight errors in your code while you edit it.
  • Virtualenv support (using pyvirtualenv): Use C-c C-e to activate a virtual environment thorough your Emacs and for subprocesses. Use C-u C-c C-e to disable a virtual environment.
  • Python web documentation: Simply access the Python web documentation using a tab-completed list of modules and objects.
  • Refactoring (using rope): Use any of multiple powerful refactoring tools, such extracting the region to a variable or a separate function, renaming identifiers, modules or packages, or just automatically clean up your imports.
  • Easy IPython support for those who use it: Simply run (pyde-use-ipython).


Pyde requires Emacs 24.

First, you need to install the Python dependencies:

easy_install --user rope ropemode ropemacs

Sadly, Pymacs itself is not available via pypi, so you need to install it by hand:

git clone
cd Pymacs
python install --user

Then, add the following to your .emacs:

(add-to-list 'package-archives
             '("marmalade" . ""))

Once this is evaluated, you should be able to run M-x package-install RET pyde RET.

Then, add further lines:


You need to set python-check-command to a command you have installed. Any combination of pyflakes, pep8 and pylint are useful, and all available via easy_install and pip. Also see the utility to use all of them at once.

(setq python-check-command "")

If you want to use IPython (make sure it's installed), add:


If you find the (Python Pyde yas AC Rope ElDoc Fill) mode line annoying, also add:



Indentation and Filling

TAB          Indent line or region, or complete
RET          Newline without indentation
C-j          Newline with indentation
C-c <        Shift indentation of line or region left
C-c >        Shift indentation of line or region right
C-M-q        Re-indent the current expression
M-q          Fill the current comment or string

Python Shell Interaction

Emacs can run a Python interpreter in a separate buffer for interactive work.

C-c C-z      Switch to a Python interpreter

C-M-x        Send the current class or function to the interpreter
C-c C-c      Send the current region (if active) or buffer to the interpreter

Virtual Environment Support

Easily switch between virtual environments. You will need to restart any inferior Python shell or Pymacs interaction after switching a virtual environment.

C-c C-e      Create, activate or switch to a virtual environment
C-u C-c C-e  Deactivate the current virtual environment

Code Navigation

Navigate quickly through your source file and project.

C-c C-j      Jump to a definition in the current buffer
C-c C-f      Find a file in the current project
C-c C-g C-d  Go to the definition of the function at point
C-c C-g C-c  Find callers of the function at point
C-c C-g C-i  Find implementations of the function at point
C-c C-g C-g  Jump to the global variable used at point

C-M-up       Move to the last opening paren
M-a          Move one statement backwards
M-e          Move one statement forwards


Browse documentation quickly, either from Python directly or from the web.

C-c C-v      Run a python checking program (e.g. pyflakes)

C-c C-d      Show documentation of the object at point
C-c C-w C-s  Search the Python web documentation
C-c C-w C-w  Browse the Python web documentation


While Rope provides auto-completion, it's actually a refactoring tool. Pyde wraps that in a simple interactive refactoring session.

C-c C-r      Start refactoring interaction

Project support

Rope uses projects. Usually, you only need to set it up once and say where the project root is, but these allow you to set up and configure projects on the fly.

C-c C-p C-o  Open a new Rope project
C-c C-p C-c  Close the current Rope project
C-c C-p C-p  Configure the current Rope project

Other Tweaks

The following would overwrite keys that can get in the way when using auto-complete-mode. I found it's better to just get used to having a-c-mode around, but if it really annoys you, use these.

(define-key ac-completing-map (kbd "<up>") nil)
(define-key ac-completing-map (kbd "<down>") nil)
(define-key ac-completing-map (kbd "RET") nil)
(define-key ac-completing-map (kbd "<return>") nil)

Dependencies from Source

If you like to live on the edge, get the dependencies as source:

  • Pymacs: git clone git://
  • Ropemode: hg clone
  • Ropemacs: hg clone
  • auto-complete: git clone git://
  • yasnippet: git clone git://


Pyde rhymes with Hyde. Dr. Reckyll was not available for comment.

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