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@@ -9,26 +9,6 @@ CodeKickOff lets you enter your project’s settings and choose the technologies
Forking CodeKickOff allows you to:
-<<<<<<< HEAD
-/config.rb # CodeKickOff is built using Compass, this is the config.rb file<br />
-/create.php # Contains the options form that lets you choose the technologies that you want to work with
-/css/ # Contains all the stylesheet files for the interface
-/functions.php # WordPress main functions file
-/header.php # WordPress main heaer file
-/img/ # Contains all the images used in the site
-/inc/ # Contains utility files
-/js/ # Contains all the js files used in the site
-/process2.php # Processes the form submitted from create.php. This is where the zip file is generated
-/resources/ # These are all the files used to compile the final zip file
-/src/ # Source files for Compass
-Please note that CodeKickOff was literaly a weekend project, so the code is far from pretty. Fork me if you create a prettier version of it :-).
-**Adding a new features**
<li>Implement your own features</li>
<li>Integrate it with your favorite Grid System</li>
@@ -88,7 +68,6 @@ Please note that CodeKickOff was literaly a weekend project, so the code is far
<h2>Adding a new features</h2>
->>>>>>> doc changes
You can add your own grid system, cms, or features. Take a look at these files to start:
@@ -114,4 +93,4 @@ The code is pretty much procedural (it kinda sucks) but it's very straight forwa
You can send me an email at with your questions and I can get back to you whenever I have time.
-<h2>Happy forking</h2>
+<h2>Happy forking</h2>

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