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Dummy Class System (DCS)

Just a very simple/dummy class system for JavaScript. DCS lets you implement OO programming in JavaScript with ease. DCS is influenced by the Simple JavaScript Inheritance mechanism and a little bit in the Class System defined by Ext JS.


Defining a class in DCS is very straightforward, as the following code shows:

DCS.define('Person', {
    property: {
        name: '',
        lastname: ''

    constructor: function(name, lastname) {
        this.name = name;
        this.lastname = lastname;

    toString: function() {
        return 'Name: ' + this.name + ' Lastname: ' + this.lastname;

and you can create an instance of this class by doing

var p1 = new Person('foo', 'bar');

The config object (the second parameter of the DCS.define method) contains the methods and properties that will be part of the new class prototype, except for the property config object that you can use to specify default values for instance variables. The property config also tells DCS to generate getters/setters for each instance variable specified in this object.

In the following example you can see that extending another class is easy:

DCS.define('Worker', {
    extend: 'Person',

    property: {
        jobTitle: ''

    constructor: function(name, lastname, jobTitle) {
        this._super(name, lastname);
        this.jobTitle = jobTitle;

    toString: function() {
        return this._super() + ' Job Title: ' + this.jobTitle;

As you can see, you can still have access to an overriden method by using the _super reference, this reference have temporary access to its parent's overriden method. And you create an instance of this subclass as usual

var w1 = new Worker('John', 'Doe', 'CEO');

Build project from Git

In order to build the project you need to install UglifyJS then issue the following

$ git clone git://github.com/jorgeramirez/dcs.git
$ cd dcs/
$ bash build.sh

The result will be inside build/ directory