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Altair (CIDELSA's 1981 arcade for ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC)


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In 2013, Ivanzx, on his blog El rincón del Spectrum, started a contest to port any game from a spanish arcade machine to the ZX Spectrum. I decided to port Altair, a game from 1981 by the spanish company CIDELSA, which is a shoot 'em up with some interesting gameplay. It was finally the winner of the contest.

I released the game under the pseudonym Inmensa Bola de Manteca. When I was I child in Spain, as a joke, my friends used to say that the initials of the computer company IBM meant Inmensa Bola de Manteca (Immense Ball of Butter).

The game is programmed completely in Z80 assembly.

Later, I ported it to the Amstrad CPC.

This source package is the full source code of the game, plus required tools except the Z80 assembler.

To get this package and precompiled TAP and DSK for your Spectum and Amstrad, visit .


First, you need a Z80 assembler compatible with TASM (Telemark Cross Assembler). You can use uz80as which is free software and available here: .

Then, you must build some required tools that are included in this package. Type:

$ make thetools

Now you are ready to build the game. Type:

$ make

It will build by default the TAPs and DSKs for Spectrum and Amstrad in all languages. They will be generated under release/.

As an alternative, you can use:

  • make cpc_nc or make zx_nc or make zx128_nc to make the DSKs or TAPs without covers.
  • make clean to clean some generated files.
  • make distclean to clean all generated files that are not distributed.
  • make dist to make a distribution source package.
  • make clean_thetools to clean build objects in the tools folder.


The game is released as free software. See the file .

Under tools/, there are two packages not written by me:

  • cpcfs by Derik van Zuetphen. It is released under a BSD 2-clause license. See the file tools/cpc/cpcfs/LICENSE and tools/cpc/cpcfs/
  • zxspectrum-utils by Michal Jurica. Relased under a GPL2 license. See the file tools/zx/zxspectrum-utils/LICENCE and tools/zx/zxspectrum-utils/


Altair (CIDELSA's 1981 arcade for ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC)







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