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jorgicor * uz80as becomes a multitarget assembler. The default target is the
  Zilog Z80. Other targets can be selected using the `--target` command
  line option.

* The targets accepted are:
  - z80: Zilog Z80 (the default if no target specified).
  - i8080: Intel 8080.
  - gbcpu: Sharp LR35902 (Nintendo Gameboy CPU).

* Added the `--undocumented` command line option to enable undocumented

* Added a `--license` command line option.

* Fixed: for the Z80, the `OUT (C),0` and SLL instructions where
  accepted by default, but they are undocumented instructions. Now are
  only accepted with the `--undocumented` command line option.
Latest commit 3154168 Jul 15, 2018


uz80as - Micro Z80 Assembler

uz80as is an assembler for the Zilog Z80 and several other microprocessors. It accepts source files with the same syntax accepted by the Telemark Cross Assembler (TASM), with only minor differences.

Currently, uz80as can assemble for these microprocessors:

  • Zilog Z80
  • Sharp LR35902 (Nintendo Gameboy CPU)
  • Intel 8080

uz80as is free software. See the file COPYING for copying conditions.

Home page: http://jorgicor.sdfeu.org/uz80as
Send bug reports to: jorge.giner@hotmail.com