This is a UI5 demo application for swipe-to-navigate pages
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Mobile Application

This is an empty app for a mobile application. It comes with swipe-to-navigate code, and is otherwise a complete skeleton:

  • Uses modularization to keep code separate
  • Uses XML views and fragments
  • Uses internationalization for text components
  • Uses grunt and build tools for minifying and building

To use

This uses Node and NPM. Install Node if not available.

Install grunt and bower, if you haven't already:

npm install grunt-cli bower -g

Clone the repository and install all components.

git clone 
cd ui5-mobile-swipe-navigation
npm install && bower install

Because you'll want to develop something on top of this, delete the .git folder in folder ui5-mobile-swipe-navigation.


Developments go in the src folder, this is your base, and all source files go in here. Test frameworks have not been set up in this skeleton yet - stay tuned...

Run this by entering grunt serve. This will open the app on http://localhost:8080


A few unit tests regarding the models and app are included. Use grunt test to run.


Run grunt build and watch how your app is concatenated, minified, copied to the dist folder. Use grunt buildRun to also open the app on http://localhost:8080.


This does not include packaging up with Phonegap. See the preloads and libraries to see how little files are actually loaded through grunt build.