Jeometry, a Mathematic and Geometry library for Java
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A Java based Geometry toolkit. This library enable to deal with 2D/3D points, meshes and various algorithm.


JEometry is available at Maven Central. To import the library just add the following dependency to your maven project:


Buid and deploy

Edit the maven settings file (by default located at ~/.m2/settings.xml) and add following entries:


Make then the following actions.

1. Clean the project:

mvn clean

2. Prepare the release:

mvn -Dgpg.passphrase="yourpassphrase" -Dnexus.user="your_sonatype_username" -Dnexus.password="your_sonatype_password" release:prepare

3. Perform the release:

mvn -Dgpg.passphrase="yourpassphrase" -Dnexus.user="your_sonatype_username" -Dnexus.password="your_sonatype_password" release:perform

4. Update the Git project:

git push --tags
git push origin master

5. In case of problem during steps 1 to 4:

  • 5.1: Undo the release:
git reset --hard HEAD~1

(You may have to do it a second time, depending upon when the error occurred.)

  • 5.2: Delete the tag.
git tag -d tagName
git push origin :refs/tags/tagName



  • Initial release.