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Kotio web UI

The UI is a vue.js application that can be deployed to what ever web server of your choise or to be accessed from your file system.


The UI must be configured to connect to the kotio servers. The file src/config.js contains boolean variables ruuvitagApi.enabled and tellstickApi.enabled that indicate whether that specific integration is enabled and variables RUUVITAG_API_URL and TELLSTICK_API_URL should be configured to contain the host name or IP address where the protocol specific kotio server is located.

Compiling the distributable files

cd webui
npm install
npm run build

Distributable files

Afer compilation the directory dist contains all the files needed for the web UI. Just copy the contents of that directory where ever you see fit.

Only file in that directory that is not part of the code base is bundle.js that is generated by the compilation.

Test web UI

After configuration changes and compilation open file dist/index.html in your preferred browser.