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[archive] A calculating app - Built for experimenting with new technologies
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A little calculating app - built for experimenting with new technologies

Feel free to clone the repo and do with it what ever you want!



  • Prerequirements: You have node and npm installed
  • clone the repo git clone
  • change into the directory cd Bruchrechner
  • install the packages npm install
  • start the server node server.js
  • visit http://localhost:3000/ in your browser


There is a demo aviable on Heroku


  • The small server which is doing nothing expect from compiling the files into valid html, css and js runs on Node.js.
  • The Javascript is written in Coffeescript the amazing language from Jeremy Ashkenas
  • For Styling I used Stylus from TJ Holowaychuk
  • As client-side framework I tried Batman.js from Shopify.
  • And for ease I took this little boilerplate from Austin Taylor for getting started.