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(ns lde.core.db
(:require [clojure.set :refer [rename-keys]]
[clojure.core.async :as async]
[crux.api :as crux]
[crux.decorators.aggregation.alpha :as aggr])
(:import [java.util UUID]
[crux.api ICruxAPI]))
(defn id [] (UUID/randomUUID))
(defn init
"Initializes the DB.
Adds DB state to given ctx."
[{:as ctx {:keys [db-dir event-log-dir]} :config}]
(let [aquire (async/chan)
release (async/chan)]
(async/pipe release aquire)
(async/>!! release :ok)
(-> ctx
(assoc ::crux (crux/start-standalone-node
{:kv-backend "crux.kv.rocksdb.RocksKv"
:db-dir db-dir
:event-log-dir event-log-dir})
::aquire aquire
::release release
::transaction (atom nil)))))
(defn q [{:keys [::crux]} query]
(crux/q (crux/db crux) query))
(defn close [{:keys [::crux ::release ::aquire]}]
(.close crux)
(async/close! release)
(async/<!! aquire))
(defn- crux->id [x] (rename-keys x {:crux.db/id :id}))
(defn- id->crux [x] (rename-keys x {:id :crux.db/id}))
(defmacro tx
"Execute body as DB transaction.
All DB writes need to be wrappen with tx.
Only one tx can run at a time.
Having a single transactor for DB writes allows you to specify
all kinds of constraints of your DB writes as simple queries within a transaction.
(let [ctx (init {:config config})]
(tx ctx (if (exists-by-attribute :user/email mail)
(create! {:user/email mail} ctx)))
(close ctx))
[ctx & body]
(let [result (gensym 'result)
txs (gensym 'txs)
chan-response (gensym 'chan-response)]
`(let [~chan-response (async/<!! (::aquire ~ctx))]
(when (not= :ok ~chan-response)
(throw (Exception. "DB closed. Transaction aborded.")))
(reset! (::transaction ~ctx) [])
(let [~result ~@body
~txs (->> @(::transaction ~ctx)
(filterv some?))]
(when-not (empty? ~txs)
(let [tx# (crux/submit-tx (::crux ~ctx) ~txs)]
(crux/sync (::crux ~ctx) (:crux.tx/tx-time tx#) nil)))
(reset! (::transaction ~ctx) nil)
(finally (async/>!! (::release ~ctx) :ok))))))
(defn submit!
"Submit a transaction to the DB.
Ignores nil items."
[ctx transaction]
(swap! (::transaction ctx)
#(if (nil? %)
(throw (Exception. "DB writes must be wrapped in transaction"))
(concat % transaction))))
(defn save-multi!
"Creates a transaction for a list of entities.
Each transaction must have an :id.
Ignores nil items."
[ctx entitiy-list]
(->> entitiy-list
(filterv some?)
(mapv #(vector :crux.tx/put (id->crux %)))
(submit! ctx))
(defn save! [entity ctx]
(first (save-multi! ctx [entity])))
(defn create! [entity ctx]
(first (save-multi! ctx [(assoc entity :id (id))])))
(defn update! [new-entity previous-entity ctx]
(->> [[:crux.tx/cas
(id->crux previous-entity)
(id->crux new-entity)]]
(submit! ctx))
(defn set-key! [ctx k v]
(submit! ctx [[:crux.tx/put {:crux.db/id k :value v}]]))
(defn delete-by-ids! [ctx ids]
(->> ids
(mapv #(vector :crux.tx/delete %))
(submit! ctx)))
(defn delete-by-id! [id ctx]
(delete-by-ids! ctx [id]))
(defn delete-by-attributes! [ctx attrs]
(->> (crux/q (crux/db (::crux ctx))
{:find '[id]
:where (mapv (fn [[attr value]]
['id attr value]) attrs)})
(map first)
(mapv #(vector :crux.tx/delete %))
(submit! ctx)))
(defn list-ids-by-attributes [{:keys [::crux]} attrs]
(let [db (crux/db crux)]
(->> (crux/q db {:find '[id]
:where (mapv (fn [[attr value]]
['id attr value]) attrs)})
(map first))))
(defn list-ids-by-attribute [ctx attr value]
(list-ids-by-attributes ctx {attr value}))
(defn get-id-by-attributes [ctx attrs]
(first (list-ids-by-attributes ctx attrs)))
(defn get-id-by-attribute [ctx attr value]
(first (list-ids-by-attribute ctx attr value)))
(defn list-by-attributes [{:keys [::crux]} attrs]
(let [db (crux/db crux)]
(->> (crux/q db {:find '[id]
:where (mapv (fn [[attr value]]
['id attr value]) attrs)})
(map first)
(map #(crux/entity db %))
(map crux->id))))
(defn list-by-attribute [ctx attr value]
(list-by-attributes ctx {attr value}))
(defn get-by-attributes [ctx attrs]
(first (list-by-attributes ctx attrs)))
(defn get-by-attribute [ctx attr value]
(first (list-by-attribute ctx attr value)))
(defn count-by-attributes [{:keys [::crux]} attrs]
(let [valid-attrs (->> attrs
(remove #(nil? (second %)))
(mapv (fn [[attr value]]
['?id attr value])))]
(if (empty? valid-attrs)
(-> (crux/db crux)
(aggr/q {:aggr '{:partition-by []
:select {?count [0 (inc acc) ?id]}}
:where valid-attrs})
(get :count 0)))))
(defn count-by-attribute [ctx attr value]
(count-by-attributes ctx {attr value}))
(defn exists-by-id? [{:keys [::crux]} id]
(if id
(-> (crux/db crux)
(crux/q {:find '[?id]
:where [['?id :crux.db/id id]]})
(defn exists-by-attributes [ctx attrs]
(if (some nil? (vals attrs))
(< 0 (count-by-attributes ctx attrs))))
(defn exists-by-attribute [ctx attr value]
(exists-by-attributes ctx {attr value}))
(defn list-by-ids [{:keys [::crux]} ids]
(let [db (crux/db crux)]
(->> ids
(map #(crux->id (crux/entity db %))))))
(defn get-by-id [ctx id]
(first (list-by-ids ctx [id])))
(defn list-by-ids-with-timestamps [{:keys [::crux]} ids]
(let [db (crux/db crux)]
(->> ids
(map #(let [h (crux/history crux %)]
(assoc (crux->id (crux/entity db %))
:created (-> h last :crux.db/valid-time)
:updated (-> h first :crux.db/valid-time)))))))
(defn get-by-id-with-timestamps [ctx id]
(first (list-by-ids-with-timestamps ctx [id])))
(defn get-key [{:keys [::crux]} k]
(let [db (crux/db crux)
q (crux/q db {:find '[value]
:where '[[id :value value]]
:args [{'id k}]})]
(ffirst q)))