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Fullstack web app for listing campgrounds in Catalonia with MongoDb, Express, NodeJS and Bootstrap 4.


  • CSS:

    • css grid layout,
    • card design,
    • jumbotron,
    • generic dark/light gradient,
    • image zoom effect
    • image blend animation on landing page (keyframes)
  • JS:

    • social share button with with copy url to clipboard and tooltip,
    • toggle password visibility in forms,
    • all form submit buttons are disabled unless all requried form fields have a value
  • App structure and functionality

    • Models: users, campgrounds, comments with user data association
    • Create, show, update, cascade delete (incl. associated data)
    • if user does not add image, a placeholder image is used
    • View:
      • campground profile page with comment section
      • user profile page with access to user submitted campgrounds
      • search box
  • EXPRESS features

    • view engine: Embedded JS (.ejs)
    • search function
    • sessions with PassportJS Authentication
    • forgot password reset with email confirmation (Mailgun)
    • custom error page with status code
    • flash messages for user feedback (Connect-flash)
    • google maps API integration for campground locations
    • ip restriction middleware

Dev notes

  • local install of Bootstrap v4 and FontAwesome
  • GULP for:
    • SASS compilation
    • Nodemon+BrowserSync
    • buildtask: webpack for js bundling, minification, image optimization


This website is a highly modified version of the Yelp-camp project in the Webdeveloper Bootcamp by Colt Steele.

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