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Deskheight sensor

Simple arduino-based sensor to determine the height of my standing desk.


  1. main.ino: Attempt to connect to wifi network (blink WIFI LED while connecting, WIFI LED on when connected).
  2. main.ino: Determine desk height by measuring 3 times in rapid succession and taking the max value (this smooths out sensor readings).
  3. main.ino: Send a basic json payload with the deskheight to my home server (blink SUCCESS LED).
  4. main.ino: In case of any issues, blink ERROR LED.
  5. home server: listen on port and dump incoming json to file using logstash
  6. home server: for every incoming request, create according sensor in home-assistant using logstash
  7. home server: in home-assistant, use template sensor to determine whether desk is up or down based on sensor value.


Deskheight sensor

Bill of Materials

Wiring Diagram

TODO :-)


The code can be found in main.ino.

Requires some a secrets.h file that sits in the same directory that looks like:

#define SECRET_WIFI_SSID "myssid";
#define SECRET_WIFI_PASSWORD "mysecretpassword";
#define SECRET_HTTP_PORT 1234
#define SECRET_HTTP_USER "secret-user"
#define SECRET_HTTP_PASSWORD "secret-password"
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