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Simple exporter for lists found on written in Go
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Simple exporter for lists found on, using Go and Agouti.

Outputs json, for easy further manipulation with e.g. jq.

Getting started

Installing chromedriver

System-wide install:

brew tap homebrew/cask
brew cask install chromedriver
chromedriver --version # should work!

Local install: Download the latest chromedriver: Put it in your homedir: ~/chromedriver


go run exporter.go --list-url

# Use --debug for some output in between
go run exporter.go --debug --list-url

# Just get all the items using jq
go run exporter.go --list-url | jq -r ".items[].name"

The tool can also fetch completion of lists by logging in:

# Set username and password
export LC_USERNAME=""; export LC_PASSWORD="";
go run exporter.go --debug --username "$LC_USERNAME" --password "$LC_PASSWORD"

# Print both name and whether the item is checked or not
go run exporter.go --debug --list-url --username "$LC_USERNAME" --password "$LC_PASSWORD" | jq -r '.items[] | "\(.name), \(.checked)"'


Installing dependencies

# golang < 1.11
go get
# golang >= 1.11:
go get    # all dependencies from go.mod will be installed

Getting your hands dirty

Running/building code:

# During development
go run exporter.go

# Building final artifact
go build -o bin/exporter exporter.go


  • Use of proper logger and --debug mode to be able to supress verbose output by default
  • Code clean up
  • Support for scraping list completion by logging into account
  • Parallel fetching of pages
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