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Simple image scan organizing tool
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Simple image scan organizing tool written in NodeJS using electron. Mainly for personal use, no intention to make this distributable or production-quality at this point. Ralphy works together with a google apps script (see google-apps/ that does automatic file moving based on filename conventions applied by ralphy.

To get started:

cd ralphy
npm install
# Rebuild node modules, see here:
npm start

Upgrading packages

Packages can easily be upgrades to the lastest version using npm-check-updates.

# Show what upgrades are avaialable:
ncu -u
# Update versions in package.json
ncu -a
# Actually perform the updates
npm update


Ralphy development is just getting started. Some of the things we'd like:

  • Sass
  • Unit and Integration tests
  • Bugfix: support slashes in tags
  • Notifications on new log entries
  • Auto-complete tags
  • Simple PDF modification: delete pages, merge
  • Fuzzy tag matching using or similar library
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