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Smart clipboard for macOS
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Smart clipboard app for macOS written in NodeJS using electron, Ecmascript 6 and React. Focus on developer and power-user convenience.

I believe I have some good ideas, but it's very early stages at this point! Using this opportunity to learn ReactJS along the way :-)

I'm currently not really looking at code quality or keeping git commits small and contained, it's really all about having fun.

Getting Started

# Install dependencies
npm install
# For development
# In one terminal run:
npm run webpack-dev-server
# In another terminal
npm run dev

NOTE: materialdesignicons.min.css was modified to remove any reference to other fonts but the woff2 format (this was only at the top of the file).


# Production build:
#  Run
npm start .

# Run in background
nohup npm start . & echo $! > PID
# Kill backgroun
kill `cat PID`



  • Storing clips in encrypted file
    • Generate encryption key on first install (this is for later)
  • Make things configurable
  • Edit before copy
  • Logging
  • Delete specific item
  • Blacklist certain application sources (i.e. don't show on clipboard if copied from certain apps)


  • image resizing and cropping from tray

  • autoformat json, yaml, etc

  • convert from json to e.g. yaml

  • trim whitespace

  • base64, md5, encode, etc

  • markdown to MS Office markup

  • tabs-to-spaces

  • Replace newlines/tabs in clip representation with newline/tab symbols

  • Pin clips

  • Search/replace in clip

  • Open Clip in editor

  • Save clip as file, Save as file and open

  • Custom Actions

  • Details page

  • Themes/Darkmode

  • Auto-detect dark mode on mac

  • URL: only match URL, not text incl URL

  • About page with link to github

  • Email recognition

  • Linting

  • Website Icon/Help icon link


  • Editor
  • Short-Representation
  • Actions
  • EditorActions
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