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Kore 3.0.0.

Visit https://kore.io/releases/3.0.0 to get the official release tarball.

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This release is out dated, please use master until a new stable release is cut in the near future.

Kore 2.0.0

This is a major version bump due to several API changes and massive new features.

The most notable additions/changes in this release are:

  • Private keys are now isolated in a seperate process
  • Build your kore applications as single binaries
  • Pool backed memory allocation via kore_malloc()
  • HTTP body API improvements
  • Postgresql API improvements
  • Introduced build.conf
  • Optional JSONRPC support
  • Several new examples
  • And more...

Starting with 2.0.0 all kore releases will be hosted on Github instead of the kore website and will be signed with minisign (https://jedisct1.github.io/minisign/).

Also starting with 2.0.0 is the documentation using Gitbook @ https://jorisvink.gitbooks.io/kore-doc/content/.

Many thanks to anyone to contributed to this release with patches, testing or otherwise.