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Experimental: Allow to zoom with the scroll wheel over a single popup.

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commit d4b2fe9cda06b587c01d9841f6be6f24eff3b98c 1 parent ce70480
@jorix authored
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  1. +6 −0 examples/feature-popups-plus.js
6 examples/feature-popups-plus.js
@@ -1,6 +1,10 @@
// Create control and add some layers
// ----------------------------------
// ** advanced use **
+var framedCloudScrolable = OpenLayers.Class(OpenLayers.Popup.FramedCloud, {
+ displayClass: "olScrollable olPopup"
var fpControl = new OpenLayers.Control.FeaturePopups({
boxSelectionOptions: {},
// ** Options for the SelectFeature control to select **
@@ -10,6 +14,8 @@ var fpControl = new OpenLayers.Control.FeaturePopups({
// ** Don't use close box on popups
mode: OpenLayers.Control.FeaturePopups.DEFAULT &
+ // ** Allow to zoom with the scroll wheel when the mouse is in the single popup active area, but like all drugs can have side effects ;-) **
+ popupSingleOptions: {popupClass: framedCloudScrolable},
// ** Overwrites html of the list popups adding a vacuum <li> before each item **
popupListOptions: {eventListeners: {
"beforepopupdisplayed": function(e){

4 comments on commit d4b2fe9


I updated the code here but nothing changed. Please check.
Thank you!


Hi Jorix,

I think it is too complicated and risky to use OL dev code.
I am not very skilled with OL and this application has some important usage this winter.
For the moment it is OK as it works from this point of view.
Maybe OL3 will add this as default behaviour.

Thank you!


What I propose is just use "MouseWheel.js" of dev.

I do not think it's a major risk, so I have reviewed the code and I didn't see any differences which are related to changes in other components.

In the link above you can see that it works correctly even using 2.11

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