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FeaturePopups wraps the management of popups and SelectFeature on OpenLayers.
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Proposal for a new control for OpenLayers: FeaturePopups

FeaturePopups wraps the management of popups and SelectFeature control of OpenLayers.

Please, open a issue if you have questions or problems using this control.


Assign templates to the layers is the only requirement to display popups.


    var myLayer = new OpenLayers.Layer.Vector("My layer", {...}); 
    var fpControl = new OpenLayers.Control.FeaturePopups();
    fpControl.addLayer(mylayer, {
        templates: {
            single: "<h2>${.name}</h2>${.description}"
            // .name is on features, and so on.

The control shows two types of selection popups: single feature or features list (with two or more features). Into a list of features can be seen each feature in a single popup.

It also supports hover popups (both kinds single feature and features list) simultaneously with the selection


Using the control and templates to display popups:

Grids to show feature attributes using FeaturePopups:

Adaptation of OpenLayers examples to use FeaturePopups:

Adaptation of GeoExt examples to use FeaturePopups and GeoExt popups:


  • Prepare the contents of the popup using templates.
    • Templates as strings or functions.
    • Allows internationalization of the labels in templates.
  • Show popups by selection (click) or hover from multiple vector layers.
  • Multiple selection using box and show list of features selected into an popup.
  • Proper popups on clustered features (OpenLayers.Strategy.Cluster)
  • Safe selection: Features remain selected even after zooming or moving the map (using Cluster and BBOX strategies)
  • Safe selection also allows that clickout not fails after a zoom (using Cluster or BBOX strategies)
  • Triggers appropriate events when changing the selection or a layer features (to prevent flickering or other nuisances, events are triggered only if there has been an effective change)
  • By default:
    • Multi selection is enabled,
    • hover popups follows the cursor (to prevent flickering)
    • select popups are shown where the cursor is pressed.
  • Ability to customize the operation of the control.
  • Allow simultaneously display "list" and "itemList" popups without much overlap.


Adjustments on OL popups for proper calculation of the autosize

Have been proposed to OpenLayers team a set of patches to fix some autosize issues. These patches are grouped all in a code to can use these patches also in releases 2.11 and 2.12, see: lib/patches_OL-popup-autosize.js

The problems were fixed:

Patches to fix other problems not yet proposed to OL, but applied in this code:

Compatibility with OpenLayers releases:

The FeaturePopups control works correctly with release 2.11 or higher including the development version. This also includes patches for OL grouped in lib/patches_OL-popup-autosize.js.

Compatibility notes (with previous version "1-FeaturePopups"):

  • The layers can no longer be added implicitly, it is necessary to use the addLayer method or layers option of the constructor.
  • The templates are grouped into the object "templates" in options of addLayer method.
  • The scope of events of FeaturePopups.Popup and FeaturePopups.Layer has changed during development, now if you want to access to the control should be used evt.object.control instead of evt.object.
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